After many years of experience in the production and supply of a wide range of diagnostic and surgical instruments to both the UK home market and the Middle East, Avondale Surgical UK is now focusing on the more specialised areas of these products. The growing worldwide need for reliable quality equipment and instrumentation demands that only the highest forms of material specification, manufacturing techniques and quality control are used. Avondale Surgical UK ensures that only the right products are available in order to meet the requirements of the most discerning of end users.
The Perfecto range of products from Avondale Surgical UK is designed and produced to meet these increasing high levels of demand
The instruments are manufactured from high quality stainless steel and meet with the essential requirements of BS EN ISO 7153.
These are produced to the same high specification but with Tungsten Carbide Inserts fitted to either the cutting or gripping edges. This will give the instrument an even longer high performance life.
Titanium instrumentation designed to meet the needs of sugical procedures that require a precision featherweight touch or in a situation where only totally non-magnetic tools can be used.
High quality hand held diagnostic equipment and instrumentation to meet the needs of modern medical demands.